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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Concern #2

Here's an email from one of our many, many members who signed up to get the Essential Classics of Catholic Spiritualiy (as I post this, that number is up to 1,677).

"You guys are great and I can't wait to get the classics collection. But I'm worried that I won't be able to really enjoy the books if they're on my computer. Why don't you offer them in regular bound versions instead?"

This is an important concern that Joe and I initially had as well. So let me respond. . .

We enjoy physical books as well as eBooks. That's why we are planning on making the collection available in a hardcopy, leather-bound, limited edition set. We've actually got his in the works right now (more on that later).

If you buy the collection electronically, you'll be able to also purchse the hard-copy edition for a super low discount. You'll basically be able to get it for just over our cost. But we're only giving this discount to people who purchase the electronic version next week. . . and remember we'll only be offering the electronic version fro FOUR DAYS.

The other reason it's important to have masterpieces like these on your desktop is that more and more of us are collecting important works, documents, and data on our hard drives so we can access and search these documents for important sections with the help of our computers. So the electronic version is a definite "must-have" for our modern computer age. And of course we wanted to get them ready as soon as possible so you can use them to prepare your mind and heart for the coming of Our Lord this Christmas.

But lastly (and probably most importantly), we wanted to raise as much money in as short a period of time so that we can make massive donations to out Pro-Life charities in time for Christmas. After all, that's why Joe and I started ProLifeSearch in the first place. By offering these works for electronic download we can not only get them to you in time to increase your spiritual preparation during Advent, but we can also give our charities and those they help an extra Merry Christmas.

The launch is just days away (November 13th), so get excited and tell everyone you know. It will only be available for FOUR DAYS and when it's over. . . it's over.

God bless and keep those emails coming!


Anonymous LuvmeLuvmyfaults said...

Have you stated when the leatherbound ones will be for sale? If so, I missed it. Please say and I will check back here later.


1:42 PM  

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