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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A few member questions

Here are a few questions we've received from a number of members. We thought it would be easier to just set up this "FAQ" in case others have the same questions.

To check out info on the Essential Classics collection. Go to this link:

Q: Gentlemen: I’m thinking seriously about purchasing this – I like the idea of having it on the computer rather than in book format – but given that it’s ten volumes, I’m concerned that it may take up excessive space on my hard drive. How much space would it take up?

Answer: about 10MB (10.7MB to be exact) for the entire collection

Q: The links wouldn't open for me and I asked for help. Didn't want to miss out on the chance to order. The link Patte emailed worked and I've placed my order. Thank you so much -- for the collection, and for your help! God bless you!!!!

Answer: Ok, that's not really a question. But the point is if you have trouble with anything, email us at

Q: How do I know if i was in the first 100 for the teleconference?

Answer: All who made it before the quota was filled will be emailed later in the week.

Q: Is the information avaliable for Canadians? The ordering page looks like it's for US customers only.

Answer: We can receive orders from any country in the world. I've noticed that many of those who've purchased already are from outside the U.S.

That link one more time is:


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I am so pleased with these. Thank you.

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