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Friday, November 17, 2006

It's finished

Whew! The launch is now over and Joe and I are STILL sorting through all of the orders to get everything finalized. (Here's a good idea of what Joe's desk looks like right now). We'll work over the weekend to get the final tallies out to you next week.

But the bottom line is that it was a HUGE success. Thank you because together we accomplished alot. Now it's time to relax and enjoy your Classics collection. Advent's just around the corner and I know I'm going to start off with a re-reading of (who else) St. Augustine.

For those who missed out on the launch: I'm sorry. We tried to give you as much advanced warning of the deadline as possible (some would complain that we sent TOO MANY emails on that subject). The next best thing is to sign up for the "early bird" list so you'll know first when the electronic AND hardbound collections will be made available again.

Go to this link to sign up:

For those who pre-ordered the first two hardbound volumes: We are putting those together as we speak and will make them available to you first. We'll be sure to post an update here as well as send you an email on the matter before we ship them to you.

For those who ordered in time for the Fr. Trigilio teleseminar bonus: As of this writing, Father says he can make some time either in the early part of January or later in that month. We'll match up his schedule with ours and nail down a final date for you. We will notify each of you by email after we sort through the orders this weekend to let you know if you made the Bonus #1 cut.

That's it for now. Thanks again and I sincerely hope the Classics we put together are a tremendous help for you in the coming liturgical seasons. Please feel free to email us and let us know how you're enjoying them.

God bless!!


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